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Tips for Hosting a Successful Business Networking Event

Hosting a business luncheon or networking event can be a great way to connect with other professionals in your field, promote your business and create brand awareness.  

Here are some top tips that our team at Maria Reidy Events and Signature Rentals recommend to create a highly successful corporate networking event: 

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1. Define the purpose and goals:

Clearly define the purpose and goals of your networking event. Is it for meeting other professionals in your field of expertise, building relationships with potential clients, brand awareness, information sharing, contact gathering, or something else? Having a clear focus will help you plan the event and communicate its value to attendees.


2. Plan ahead:

Start planning well in advance to ensure you have enough time to organise everything. Create a detailed checklist of high-line tasks, which will include selecting a venue / area within a venue, setting a date and time, creating a guest list or creating an online event link, arranging catering and refreshments, and preparing promotional materials.  

The Journal-Signature Rentals

3. Delegate to a Professional:

With a busy work schedule, many professionals find it difficult to delegate time and resources to planning an event. If the budget allows, we recommend sourcing a polished event planner with a wealth of corporate knowledge, such as Maria Reidy Events, to manage the planning and production of the event.  


4. Choose the right venue:

Select a venue that suits the size of your event and offers the necessary amenities, such as audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi, parking, accessibility, proximity to public transport, and comfortable seating. If your budget allows, we recommend adding some nice decor touches to your tablescape or to dress up elements of the room you shall host your event in. Our company Signature Rentals has beautiful decorative pieces that bring an extra element of glamour to any occasion. From stylish tealights and lanterns, to rattan furniture and French parasols, there is something to suit all occasions. 


5. Develop a schedule and stick to it:

Plan a well-structured production schedule for your event, including registration, networking time, speakers or presentations, break-out groups, and any other team-building activities. If working with a professional event planner, they will create a plan that will ensure a smooth flow of the event that respects the attendee’s time. They will also be present to manage content creators on the day, such as: photographers, videographers, influencers, etc to ensure that high-quality content is being captured. 

The Journal-Signature Rentals

6. Provide valuable content:

Offer engaging and informative content to keep attendees interested. This could include highly anticipated keynote speakers or industry experts, panel discussions, engaging workshops, or audio-visual presentations. Choose topics that are both relevant and appealing to your target audience, ensure that they walk away from the event having learned something new and broadened their professional network. 


7. Facilitate networking opportunities:

Set up designated networking areas or activities to encourage interaction among attendees, since some attendees might be new to the industry or location. Consider ice-breaker activities to begin the day, group discussions, or speed networking opportunities for quick introductions. Provide name tags or badges with the person’s name and their affiliated business to make networking easier.  


8. Serve quality refreshments:

Consider dietary restrictions and preferences when selecting a menu with the venue, or with your catering company. Well-prepared meals can contribute to a positive experience and facilitate networking. Consider the time of day that your networking event is being hosted, and the length of time the event takes part in. For example – At a breakfast networking morning, providing refreshments, such as a selection of pastries, fruit pots, bottled water, juice tea and coffee will keep attendees feeling happy and satisfied.

The Journal-Signature Rentals

Successful professional networking events require thoughtful planning, attention to detail, thorough execution, considerate management, and a focus on providing great value to those attending. By creating a suitable environment for networking and offering engaging / educational content, you can make a positive long-lasting impression and build meaningful connections that will benefit your business / career for years to come. 

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