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This week on The Journal, we speak with Peter Carvill – An exceptionally talented Wedding Photographer, who captures wedding couples through a lens of beauty and elegance. Peter has been photographing weddings across Ireland, and in destinations like New York, Rome, Paris, and the Swiss Alps since 2014. His soft approach creates relaxed joyful imagery, striving to remain classical that when trends have passed, will remain timeless. 

Peter Carvill-The Journal-Signature Rentals

1. Tell us why you love what you do for a living, and in particular, why you love working as a wedding photographer? 


Weddings are full of such bliss, and to be involved as a key supplier is the most rewarding job I can think of having. It’s exciting meeting the newly engaged couples and building a close relationship for 12-24 months before the wedding, watching their ideas and plans come together and seeing the anticipation grow. Everyone, especially the families of the newlyweds, are always so thrilled to be a part of it with them on the day. 

While I love photographing the wedding day itself, it is the appreciative message I receive after sending the full collection of images that reminds me of the joy the photographs bring the couples, and for that I will always be thankful to have the job I am blessed with.  
From a very young age, I’ve always been creative. My work as a wedding photographer allows me to do just this, and to also use my personality, my humour, and general love of people to the forefront. 

It is a privilege to be a part of these special occasions. 

2. How would you describe your style of wedding photography?  


Elegant, romantic and timeless. I want my couples to love the style of their imagery in 50 years’ time, as they do now. So, I avoid conforming to the latest trends, and prefer to shoot classically.

Peter Carvill-The Journal-Signature Rentals

3. What is your career ‘pinch me’ moment that really stands out in your mind? A moment you are proud of, that highlights your passion for what you do. 


Opening the Vogue issue that my photograph was featured in a couple of years ago. I almost had a little cry in the newsagent. I had to run home to my family to show them!  

4. What should a couple consider when booking a wedding photographer? Is there any advice that you would give to a newly engaged couple when considering their photography?


Research the different styles of wedding photographers available. Some may favour a documentary ‘fly on the wall’ kind of approach, while others would prefer a curated portraiture and classical view. In terms of tone, some photographers prefer to shoot in a moody dark way, while others prefer a brighter, fresher approach. There is no right or wrong style, all to do with client preference. 
Don’t  be too fooled by an impressive Instagram feed when checking out photographers. You’re always welcome to ask a photographer you’re enquiring with if they are comfortable to share some full galleries from previous weddings to ensure their work is cohesively strong throughout the wedding day. From the preparations, ceremony, family shots which in my opinion, are the biggest indication of attention to detail and posing, right through to the dancing shots. Usually the photographers share the portraits online, which are generally captured outdoors and in preferred light, so I recommend making sure your photographer has the capability to remain true to their style throughout the day. Remember that we live in Ireland, and it’s important to understand whether your photographer is experienced enough to shoot in all kinds of weather conditions, and still produce a cohesive gallery regardless of any stressful opportunities presented.  
A strong recommendation is always a reassuring way of trusting a photographer’s experience with previous couples if you are fortunate enough to know anyone whose wedding that photographer has shot. Asking general questions like, ‘what were they like to be around on the day’, and ‘how were they with your families’.

Peter Carvill-The Journal-Signature Rentals

5. Who is your aspirational figure? Someone you admire that has helped you on your career path or continues to inspire you.


I’ve grown up admiring my Mum’s hard work ethic in business, for always giving her utmost care and dedication, even when times have been challenging in business, she has remained a strong and kind person. She has always been so patient and encouraging. 
Two other ladies in the wedding industry who showed nothing but guidance, kindness, and friendship when I was starting off photographing weddings are Photographer, Paula O’Hara and Event Planner, Maria Reidy. I will always appreciate the long chats and constructive criticism which were monumental.  

6. What is your favourite part of a wedding day to capture from behind the lens, and why?


When the ceremony begins; it’s the most emotionally intense and beautiful part of the day. It’s so exciting watching the couple see each other for the first time, accompanied by the atmosphere the music creates, surrounded by all of their family and friends. It really is eutrophic.

Peter Carvill-The Journal-Signature Rentals

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