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Eco Friendly Wedding Ideas

The sustainable wedding trend is on the rise, and we at Signature Rentals could not be happier to see couple’s making conscious efforts to choose more eco-friendly suppliers, whilst lessening the carbon footprint of their special occasion. By being more conscientious in your own wedding planning, you may inspire other couples to ‘think green’ too whilst organising their special day.


We have put together a helpful and constructive list of ways in which you can reduce the ethical and environmental impact of your wedding day. With a little planning, small decisions can combine over time and lead to bigger results. A perfectly ethical wedding may not exist, but making efforts in numerous areas of your planning or vendor selection will all add up. Being conscious in your wedding choices to lessen wasteful excess can create a ripple effect. The below guide will help you organise an incredible ‘green’ celebration.

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1. Venue


Choose a wedding venue that emphasises environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, composting, and so forth. Additionally, opting for a venue that can host both the wedding ceremony and the after-party reduces carbon footprint due to guests not traveling between venues and emitting car fumes. At the initial meeting with the venue, you can ask whether they offer recycling or composting bins on-site or recommend a local green trash service. You can also enquire as to their green practices and discover whether their sustainability ethos matches yours.  



2. Eco-Friendly Menu


Caterers and venues who pride themselves on supplying locally sourced, and organic seasonal produce will allow for an eco-friendlier dining experience. When having an initial conversation with your caterer, ask where they source their food and if it is possible to keep the menu seasonal. The less food that must travel by truck the better, farm-to-table options are on the rise. Additionally, consider serving vegetarian or vegan options. Should you wish to donate leftover food to a local charity or homeless shelter, ask the caterer if this is a possibility. For your late-night snack, opt to not use single-use plates, napkins, or utensils, since they produce optimal waste. Instead look for biodegradable options, or rental dishware.  

Journal-eco friendly wedding ideas-Signature Rentals

3. E-Invites and Stationery


Electronic Invites (e-vites) are a popular choice for wedding couples at present and allow them to send to their guests via email. Some couples opt to create a custom wedding website containing all relevant information and timeline for their guests. However, for the more traditional soul, if you want actual printed invitations, you could ask your stationer to use recycled paper (remember to not use any glitter or embellishments so it can be easily recycled again), or recycled wildflower seed paper than can be planted. 



 4. Bridal Wear


There has been a recent surge in brides interested in sourcing second-hand wedding dresses, or vintage wears. One such example is the newly launched company Rebride by Irish fashion stylist Isabel Gleeson, which allows brides to buy and resell their wedding dresses online. Additional items such as the bridal veil or headpiece could be borrowed from a friend or family member, rather than purchasing novel pieces that shall be worn once. For the groom and groomsmen, there are many incredible suit shops which cater for renting suits and tuxedos for special occasions

Journal-eco friendly wedding ideas-Signature Rentals

5. Décor Rental


When you hire equipment instead of purchasing it, you are acting in a more sustainable manner. Rental items and furniture are used time, and time again. By choosing to rent your décor items, you avoid creating clutter and dumping items when you no longer need them post-wedding day. Rental companies are inherently eco-friendly by principal, since by selecting hire items you want, and not buying them for a one-day celebration, no items end up being dumped in the landfill post-event. Signature Rentals offers a variety of luxurious and timeless indoor and outdoor furniture pieces that will enhance your wedding ceremony and venue.



6. No Floral Foam Florists


We have worked with many florists who are passionate about creating eco-friendly floral designs, without the use of floral foam. Floral foam is detrimental to the environment; therefore, we would advise you to speak with your florist about the type of material they will use to create your floral displays, and whether they are ethically sourced. If you are using floral arrangements in your ceremony, choose to reuse them for your reception as well.  

Turn your floral arch into a frame for the stage / top table or use your bridal party’s bouquets as decor for your cake table. Donate leftover flowers to a local hospice, or nursing home the following day. Should you wish to take it a step further, you could opt for fresh potted flowers, such as: orchids, roses, or potted plants, such as: succulents, since they make great focal points for tables and can be taken home and used as decor the day after the big celebration. 

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